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Analysts on USD/JPY 2014 prospects

We’ve seen an impressive rally in USD/JPY in the year 2013 – the pair rose by more than 3000 pips, recovering 61.8% Fibonacci from the 2007/2011 decline. The gradual widening of the yield spread between the US and Japan should support the pair further, as the Fed’s monetary policy will become less dovish with time, while the BOJ is expected to ease further. Our next bullish targets lie at 107.35 (200-month MA) and 108.80.

JP Morgan strategists warn about a strong bearish correction in the year 2014. “JPY has high risk of mean reversion over the next year because positioning is so stretched (shorts more than 3-sigmas from average). This extreme positioning is why we have flagged USD/JPY as vulnerable to a correction in Q2 (target 100) if the economy fails to reaccelerate quickly from a contraction induced by the consumption tax hike”. However, by the year-end analysts expect the pair to recover to 106.00.

Analysts at Deutsche Bank are much more optimistic on the USD prospects: “We are only about half way through a move that will eventually push up to and probably through 120.00 yen”. DB puts its 2014 USD/JPY forecasts at 106 in Q1, 109 in Q2, 112 in Q3 and 115 in Q4.

Chart. Monthly USD/JPY


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