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GBP/USD: bulls showed some slack

On the GBP/USD daily chart, "bulls" failed to test the resistance line at 1,304, this resulted in a sell-out of the pound.The risks of the quotes pulling down to 1,28-1,285 area have increased. There are targets of the AB = CD and "Shark" patterns.

On the GBP/USD hourly chart, the breakout of support at 1,291, or rebound from the diagonal resistance at 1.2985 will create the prerequisites for the further slide of the quotes down to 1.2825.


SELL 1,291 SL 1,2965 TP1 1,2825 TP2 1,28

SELL 1,2965 SL 1,3020 TP1 1,2865 TP2 1,28.


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