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Takeaways from the second presidential debate

It was one of the most negative and acrimonious debate in US history. Americans have always been proud of a sacred tradition of a presidential debate where nominees trade barbs over their vision of the country’s future; the debate could help the voters to make their choice and define a well-deserved president. But this debate left many Americans embarrassed, if not insulted. Never before they heard such constant vile comments, rants and empty rhetoric.

The tone of the last presidential debate has been shaped by Donald Trump’s lewd and demeaning comments on the sexual aggression towards women. The Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton was accused of her use of a private email server when she was US secretary of state and threatened to be placed behind the bars, if her counterpart is elected. This debate was more of a blame game. Throughout the 90-minute exchange, which included questions posed by some people from the audience, they exchanged insults, defended themselves and tried to justify their wrong doings.  

Well, there were some flashes of good reasoning in candidates’ speeches. They’ve covered several topics (migration issues, multiculturalism, Obamacare). They discussed Syrian War. Trump refused to take a hard line on Russia and Syrian President Bashar al-Assed saying that they do right things; they are bombing ISIS trying to defend their own citizens from imminent threat coming from radicalized Muslims. Clinton said that Russian and al-Assad should be accountable for all these atrocities in Syria and numerous war crimes they’ve committed by bombing eastern Aleppo.

All this cross-talk ended in Hillary’s victory. In contrast, Trump’s poll numbers are going to fall even further after his first performance during the first debate and the video tape where he bragged about groping women and sexually assaulting them. Although, many analysts admit that he managed to plow through the numerous accusations and that he sounded more convincing than Hillary with her rehearsed answers.

How all this empty talk affected the markets? Well, it seems that they decided to ignore it. The second presidential debate failed to become a major market mover of today’s trading session, as nothing worthy has been said. Neither Americans nor traders didn’t get any clues on the US future. 

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