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Ultimate guide to the third Clinton-Trump debate


The third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will take place on Wednesday, October 19.


The topics will include debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot spots, and aptness/fitness to be president.

Trump’s strategy

Trump will try to convince that the election was "rigged" by corrupt media and special interest groups, that it’s going to be a large-scale voter fraud. This strategy might not gather the winning coalition, but it could help Trump not to lose his existing supporters during the election campaign and after elections, even if he doesn’t win.

Hillary’s strategy

As Trump has suffered from the last elections, being accused of misconduct and mistreatment of women, Hillary managed to save her face without puncturing her “iron lady” image (well, perhaps e-mail scandal had a negative impact on her fair reputation). Still, Clinton will need to convince Americans that she is the person whom they can trust. She will also try to bring US citizens to go to the polling stations on Election Day and vote for her, not for a third-party candidate.

The latest polls

Democrat Hillary Clinton leads Trump by 9 percentage points in the survey of likely voters.

Some data from Bloomberg

Market’s reaction

The markets widely bet on a Clinton victory, while the risk of a Trump’s victory appears to be underpriced. If Hillary once again beats her counterpart, the markets will make little account of this debate. In contrast, Trump’s victory could bring some volatility to technical charts. 


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