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Merkel: Russia adopts "law of jungle"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday accused Russia of resorting to “the law of the jungle” in the Crimea crisis, speeking in parliament. She warned that the EU would imply its planned sanctions unless Moscow changed the path. In her view, Russia played on Ukraine's weakness instead of acting as a partner for stability.

“If Russia continues with its policy in the next weeks, it would not only be a catastrophe for Ukraine but also we, the neighbouring states, would understand this as a threat to us. It would not only change the relations of the EU to Russia but, last and not least, and I am very convinced of this, it would massively harm Russia economically and politically”, Merkel threatened.

Merkel warned that the EU would stick to its three-stage sanctions plan. EU ministers are due to meet on Monday, the day after the Crimean secession referendum, to consider the visa bans, asset freezes and the suspension of the next EU-Russia summit. Ms Merkel warned they would go ahead with these measures unless Russia agreed to negotiations “in the next few days”.




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