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Analytics Idol. Forecasts of the winners

Round 2 of the contest continues. Who will be the Analytics Idol? The winners of the Round 1 of the 'Analytics Idol' contest have sent their final trade recommendations. They have done an impressive job. Read their forecasts. We hope you'll find it helpful in your trade. Fell free to discuss these trade signals.

№1 - Won Tuno

This is the last of my three forecasts, so will post with medium term insight too. Honestly, now a bit harder to me to choose. AUD, GBP and EUR gain his momentum for an upward continuation but since all three already in overbought area, I better off trade those pairs for now. So I decide to take a look at USD/JPY.

On Daily Chart, we got Butterfly SELL back to its minimum target 38.2% level then making Bullish Flag (an early indicator Downward) but failed to continue down at the moment.

But what's more interesting to me right now is on H4. Inside Bullish Flag, we got 121 Pattern (1), possible Double Repo (DRPO) BUY by 3x3 DMA (2). And MACDP (3) also showing crossing MA, indicating detrending pattern. Price also in Oversold Area, but down momentum is looking good for this pair. A little higher risk it is, but if this work out, we will get nice ride up longer time.

BUY at 101.65 if it ever back (or buy when price below DMA), SL 101.00, with TP1 102.50 (fib 38.2%), TP2 103.15 (fib 61.8%), TP3 104.65 (medium term) and max TP4 105.70.

Please use trail stop to lock and maximise your profit. I hope you enjoy it all. And see you on another time.

Have a nice pip!

#2 - Shinichi Kedo

The last forecast 10-04-2014

Look at the MACD moving the AUD / USD remains in uptrend But this currency already meet the price 0.9442 and after that this currency reversal and down about 30 -40 pip, see the chart in D1 the price in 20-11-2013 is 0.9449 it can be a resistance point. However the chart and candlestick still return the this currency still in the trend up. So i suggest buy around area 0.9384 - 0.9408 , TP1: 0.9464 Tp2 0.9483 SL : 0.9368. The price at 0.93511 is a hard resistance point , so we should sell the price under 0.93511 and take profit about 25 - 40 pip


#3 - Tawilwil D'Great

Good day to all traders, this is the submission for the Analytics Idol Round 2.

As we see noticed after the FOMC Meeting Minutes, the news is not good for US dollar which made most of its pair take control.

XAUUSD created a bullish trend since last week on daily chart. Based on my analysis, buying for short term on this pair before this month(April) ends is quiet good. This pair is near to resistance $1316, if breaks this level will indicates a sign of bullish continuation. Stochastic is oversold on daily chart which is a good sign. And also 2 bullish candle already formed on weekly chart with nice pin bar. But we must expect a slight pullback before London market opens. I would suggest that we have to put a pending BUY STOP on this pair.

buy stop: 1318.00 stoploss: 1308.00 take profit: 1331.70


#4 - Wahyu Hidayat

Pair EUR/USD SELL Entry Point: 1.3840 Take Profit: 1.3796 Stop Loss 1.3880. Today Asian markets traded range of 1.3850 euros . The Bullish sign on the previous day EUR/USD broke above the upside resistance level of 1.38, 1 day ago. This previous resistance level of 1.38 may now provide downside support. Today EUR/USD has support and resistance at 1.3805 and 1.3897. If EUR/USD breaks out and closes below the 1.3785 level today, then it will indicate considerable bearish strength. Meanwhile, if EUR/USD manages to break out and closes above the 1.3905 level, then it will denote high bullish strength.

#5 - Ayoub Ben Rejeb

Recommendation for Thursday 10/04/2014

Pair : NZD/USD , Time Frame H1

The pair made a new 3 years high after rallying for the last session , so we are looking for a retrace after it created a divergence on multiple time frames and specially in H1 which also created a small double top at the resistance 0.8745

Sell NZD/USD 0.8725 SL 0.8750 Tp1 0.8700 Tp2 0.8675

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