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Trade signals from Danske Bank (Apr. 29)

*Danske Bank applies trailing stop orders (moved together with the price)

EUR/USD: Long at 1.3820 with a target of 1.3967 and a stop at 1.3809

USD/JPY: Buy at 102.32 with a target of 103.43 and a stop at 101.79

GBP/USD: Long at 1.6700 with a target of  1.6917 and a stop at 1.6740

USD/CHF: Short at 0.8835 with a target of 0.8715 and a stop at 0.8835

AUD/USD: Short at 0.9275 with a target of 0.9136 and a stop at 0.9325

USD/CAD: Long at 1.0970 with a target of 1.1078 and a stop at 1.0980

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