Tatyana graduated from Bashkir State University with the major of Applied Mathematics and IT. She used to work as a system analyst in a large IT company. Entered the financial markets in 2008. Her trading system is based on classical technical analysis, Ichimoku indicator and the elements of fundamental analysis. Tatyana is very dedicated to her family and children. In her free time she enjoys rising a bicycle.

FBS: sell USD/JPY from 101.70

Tatyana Norkina, FBS analyst

The pair is now recovering after having approached the 101.00 support last week. The exchange rate rebounded to the strong 101.60 resistance yesterday. Note that there are a lot of strong levels lying before the 101.80 mark, so this area is promising to be a hard nut to crack for bulls.

Ichimoku. If the bulls push the market higher today, they will be expected to brake in the 101.60/80 range. However, the major descending trend has not been canceled yet. That's why we stand on the bearish side today. 

Technical levels: support – 101.00, 101.30; resistance – 101.60, 101.70, 101.80.

Trade signal:

1. Sell — 101.70; SL — 101.90; TP1 — 101.30; TP2 — 101.00.

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