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EUR/USD: Murray levels analysis

D1. Continuation ofthe bearish trend has been recently confirmed by the breakdown below2.8(1.3428). If the prices return to 2.8 STD1 they will most likely draw a horizontal section at the level of 2.8, so you’ll need to catch a possible pullback and then xpect further decline with the first goal at the level of 1.8(1.3306).

The pair rapidly fell and hasn’t even punched CTH4 up for a long time. Now the bears stopped at the level of 8.3 (1.3376) with a slight rebound from it which still doesn’t allow to speak about a global pullback to the area CTD and the level of 1 5.8 (1.3489). To begin with, the bulls should at least break CTH4, and it will open the way up to 5.8.

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