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NZD/USD: Murray levels analysis

D1. The pair hasmade ​​a stopat thelevel of8.5(0.8423), from which there had already been a powerfulrebound earlier.With this in mind, as well as stillgreenCTW1,the secondrebound from08.05is still expected in the short term. Growththus will be likelylimited by8.6 (0.8545).

H4. The pair failed to break the level of 8.3 (0.8484), burying plans of the bulls to recover to the area of ​​04.08 (0.8545). The break CTH4 in this case will lead to an advance no higher than 3.8. However, if the pair rises above 8.3, growth to 8.4 will once again become possible.

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