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Gold: Murray levels analysis

Daily. Last week the price failed to exceed the level of 6/8(1312.50), questioning the growth into 7/8(1343.75). On the other hand, there are no attempts of the intersection CTD1 and CTW1 upside down, which is certainly a prerequisite for the development ofthe bullish scenario targeting 7/8. The key now is the level of 6/8: if it is breached, then, most likely, will reach the prices will reach 7/8.

The price didn’t remain in the channel 3/8 (1304.69) – 5/8 (1320.31) for long, and now there is a breakdown of the level 3/8 with further consolidation below. CTD1 and CTH4 crossed, so after a pullback in the area CTD1 there is a chance that the price drops below 8.2.

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