September, 5.: American Session

Tatiana Norkina,  FBS analyst 


According to the results of NFP, index of the dollar dipped slightly, to 83.60, losing at the opening of the trading session around 0.15%. Analysts' expectations towards 225 thousand people employed in non-agricultural sector of the economy the United States did not come true: a published report was much worse - 142 thousand.

Stock markets are also in the red zone. The DJIA is losing about 0.05%, and the S & P500 - a little more than 0.13%.

Currency markets are corrected after yesterday's movements. Thus, the pair EUR / USD rebounded to around 1.2980. The currency pair GBP / USD consolidates below 1.6330 after updating to 1.6280 lows. USD / CHF has returned to the level of 0.9280. The pair USD / JPY sank most strongly, to the mark of 104.75, after the formation of a maximum in the region of 105.70.

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