Tatyana graduated from Bashkir State University with the major of Applied Mathematics and IT. She used to work as a system analyst in a large IT company. Entered the financial markets in 2008. Her trading system is based on classical technical analysis, Ichimoku indicator and the elements of fundamental analysis. Tatyana is very dedicated to her family and children. In her free time she enjoys rising a bicycle.

FBS: trade recommendation for USD/CHF

 Tatiana Norkina, FBS analyst

Currency pair updated the highs yesterday, recovering to 0.9690 in the morning. However, just after that there followed a decrease in the rate of 0.9640 support area. The bearish sentiment also persists today.

Ichimoku. Obviously, this reduction is yet the corrective one. We see an overbuy on the four-hour time frame and there’s also a powerful resistance in the 0.9670 area observed.

On the hourly timeframe Tenkan and Kijun canceled the action of golden cross and may soon form the dead one. This morning the couple came into the cloud and the consolidation will take place here in the nearest future. Depreciation to the lower boundary of the cloud is possible.

Technical levels: Support - 0.9615 / 20; resistance - 0.9650.

Trading recommendations:

1. Buy - 0.9660; SL - 0.9640; TP1 - 0.9700; TP2 - 0.9725.

2. Sell - 0.9640; SL - 0.9660; TP1 - 0.9615; TP2 - 0.9575.

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