USD/JPY: the analysis of Murray levels

Leonid Varfolomeev

D1.The pair has reached the level of 06.08 (118.75), and has not been able to overcome it yet, that implies a possible scenario of the retracement to CTD1 and the nearest level of  5/8 (115.63). Against the background tt is still bullish CTW1 with CTD1, a global fall below 8.5 should not be expected.

H 4. There is no one candle that closed above the key level of 08.08 (118.75). So if there is a clearance up of this level now, then the growth to the level of +2/8 (121.85) should be expected. As for a rebound from the current positions in the area of 6/8 (115.63), it is possible in the case of tangible break down CTH4 (at least a third of the width of the levels).

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