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NZD/JPY: negative outlook

By Dima Chernovolov

• NZD/JPY reversed from the powerful resistance zone

• Likely to fall further to 84.00 and 80.00

NZD/JPY has been falling sharply from the start of this year – after the pair reversed down from the powerful resistance zone surrounding the major multi-year resistance level 95.00 (which also previously reversed the pair in July of 2007, as you can see from the monthly NZD/JPY chart below). This resistance zone was strengthened by the upper monthly Bollinger Band. The downward reversal form this resistance area completed the primaryⒸ-wave of the long-term II wave from the start of 2009.

If the pair closes this month at the current levels, it will then form the strong Japanese candlestick reversal signal – monthly Evening Star – which will heighten the likelihood of further losses toward the next support levels 84.00 and 80.00.

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