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US Dollar: what to expect on the new week?

Kira Iukhtenko

As we expected, on the past week the US currency returned to growth. The US dollar index hit new 11-year highs. Even the dollar/Swiss franc pair pushed to the levels, unseen since Jan. 15. The US currency remains supported by the Fed’s rate hike expectations.

Visual illustration prepared by Wall Street Journal: more than 50% of economists surveyed expect a rate hike in Q2 2015, while another 40% - in Q3 2015.

Economic calendar for the new week is not so busy, but we expect the bullish trend in USD to persist. Watch the US retail sales data on Thursday. On Friday the market will focus on the Producer price index. In January the index fell at a fastest pace in 5 years (-0.8%). New negative reading would be the only threat for the current sustainable USD rally. 

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