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How do large banks trade USD/JPY?

This is how large banks are now trading USD/JPY these days:

BNP Paribas holds LONG from 120.50, TAKE PROFIT 125.00, STOP LOSS 118.50 (entered on March 19)

Citi Bank holds LONG from 120.79, TAKE PROFIT 125.75, STOP LOSS 118.00 (entered on March 6)

Danske Bank holds LONG from 119.20, TAKE PROFIT 127.50, STOP LOSS 114.00 (entered on December 3)

JP Morgan holds LONG from 113.99, TAKE PROFIT 126.00, STOP LOSS 116.65 (entered on November 2)

Morgan Stanley: SELL LIMIT from 120.00, TAKE PROFIT 115.50, STOP LOSS 121.20 (entered on March 24)

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