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Danske Bank: trade signals for Apr. 2

Open positions:*

EUR/USD: Hold SHORT at 1.0850, TAKE PROFIT 1.0613, STOP LOSS 1.0901 (revised)

USD/JPY: Hold SHORT at 120.08, TAKE PROFIT 118.30, STOP LOSS 120.41

EUR/JPY: Hold SHORT at 129.25, TAKE PROFIT 127.19, STOP LOSS 130.26

USD/CHF: Hold LONG at 0.9585, TAKE PROFIT 0.9906, STOP LOSS 0.9604  (revised)

EUR/CHF: Hold SHORT at 1.0510, TAKE PROFIT 1.0318, STOP LOSS 1.0492  (revised)

GBP/JPY: Hold SHORT at 177.20, TAKE PROFIT 174.70, STOP LOSS 178.50

NZD/USD: Hold SHORT at 0.7480, TAKE PROFIT 0.7276, STOP LOSS 0.7550

Trade ideas:

AUD/USD: SELL at 0.7740, TAKE PROFIT 0.7451, STOP LOSS 0.7810

GBP/USD: Possibly SELL

USD/CAD: Possibly BUY

EUR/CAD: Possibly SELL

EUR/GBP: Possibly SELL


*Danske Bank applies trailing stop orders (moved together with the price)

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