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CFTC: speculators cut USD longs

Kira Iukhenko

According to the most recent СFTC report, released on April 17, investors keep on lowering long USD positions. Cost of net USD longs fell by 0.6 bln to $39.7 bln.  Dollar longs are contracting for a third week in a row and are now seen at their lowest level since March 17.

The greenback is retracing lower versus all the major currencies. Even the EUR shorts corrected lower a little bit. Net speculative positions for CHF, NZD and MXN turned bullish. By the way, peso was one of the strongest drivers for the greenback last week.

GBP, JPY and CAD positions remained almost unchanged. The next report will likely reflect loonie’s upside in the second part of the past week.

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