Dollar/Yen has trailed

  Tatyana Norkina, analytic for company FBS

Currency pair USD / JPY yesterday returned to the 124th figure, after the downward correction to support 123.50. However, the bulls are unable to continue the underlying trend due to the interference with the horizontal resistance of Kijun-Sen. 

It is obvious, that the fate of this pair will be addressed on this level. Break -up and consolidation during the current session would provide an opportunity for new purchases. Otherwise, the correction could be delayed, which would result in the exchange rate of the currency pair to be in the cloud. 

Technical levels: Support - 124.00 / 20; Resistance - 124.40. 

Trading recommendations:1. Buy - 124.00; SL - 123.80; TP1 - 124.80; TP2 - 125.10.2. Sell - 123.80; SL - 124.00; TP1 - 123.00; TP2 - 122.40.

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