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Large banks long on USD/JPY

It seems that long USD/JPY posititions have once again become popular among the large banks, like it was in late March. See the list of their positions below. 

1. Morgan Stanley: from 97.00, and from around 98.50, with a stop at 95.75 and a target at 106;

2. Nomura: long from 98.70, with a stop at 96.00 (1 unit, $10 million);

3. Deutsche Bank: long targeting 110 by year-end;

4. Citi: long since last week;

5. BofA Merrill: long from 98.00, 97.50, and 97.00 with a revised stop at 96.80, and a target at 105.80/106;

6. Commerzbank: long from 99.85 and 99.10 with a stop at 97.90, and a target at 101.50;

7. Credit Suisse: long from 98.00, with a stop below 97.85, and a target at 103.10.

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