EUR/USD: analysts’ comments

UBS: “EUR/USD resistance is at $1.3343, a break above which would extend the recent strength to $1.3452. Support is at $1.3230 ahead of $1.3103, suggesting a neutral outlook.”

ANZ: “Support at $1.3170 (ideally at $1.3215) should hold in the near term to allow for a secondary squeeze, but a surge through $1.3370 is needed to push aside downside risks for a push through $1.3450 for a retest of $1.3710.”

SEB: “EUR/USD is at next possible turning point. $1.3322, 61.8% of the preceding decline is however a possible turning point for the surge to end (and so is 78.6% at 1.3380). For a move lower to get traction we must return down below $1.3276/82.”

Chart. H4 EUR/USD

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