Galina has been using the Japanese Candlesticks in trading since 2004. Meanwhile, she has wrote dozens of articles about these patterns, because nowadays it's possible to see a lot of things that couldn't be discovered in the good old days. Everyday Galina share her expert opinion about EUR/USD and USD/JPY on the fxBazooka.com.

EUR/USD: candlestick analysis

Galina Svetlova

EUR/USD: candlestick analysis

There’s a “High Wave” pattern at the local minimum, which has been strongly confirmed. It’s likely that the local correction will continue towards “Window's” support, but then bulls might come back to the market. As we can see on the daily chart, despite of a bearish candle in progress, the upward correction are probably going higher.

The price formed a new “Window” after a “Harami” pattern has been formed at the last maximum. Moreover, a bearish “Three Methods” has been formed afterwards. It’s likely to see a support by the last “Window” and the following upward movement. 

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