Galina has been using the Japanese Candlesticks in trading since 2004. Meanwhile, she has wrote dozens of articles about these patterns, because nowadays it's possible to see a lot of things that couldn't be discovered in the good old days. Everyday Galina share her expert opinion about EUR/USD and USD/JPY on the fxBazooka.com.

USD/JPY: the next “engulfing bearish”

Galina Svetlova

USD/JPY: the next “enggulfing bearish”

There’s a flat in progress under the Moving Average lines. The last candles are bearish, so it's likely that the downward movement is going to be continued. As we can see on the Daily chart, here's a strong support by the “Window”, but it’s probably going to be broken afterwards.

USD/JPY: the next “enggulfing bearish”

We’ve got a reversal “Engulfing Bearish” on the one-hour chart. A “Three Methods” pattern has been formed, so bears are likely going to reach the nearest support line.

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