Galina has been using the Japanese Candlesticks in trading since 2004. Meanwhile, she has wrote dozens of articles about these patterns, because nowadays it's possible to see a lot of things that couldn't be discovered in the good old days. Everyday Galina share her expert opinion about EUR/USD and USD/JPY on the fxBazooka.com.

EUR/USD: "harami" is the only one hope for bears

Galina Svetlova

EUR/USD: "harami" is a white hope for bears

The 89 Moving Average and the lower “Window” have acted as a support, so we’ve got a “Hammer” at the last low. Bulls formed two “Three Methods” patterns on the way, which points to a possibility that the current upward correction is probably going to achieve higher levels. At the same time, a local downward correction is a possible during the day. As we can see on the Daily chart, there’s a correction in a range of the huge black candle. We’ve got a “High Wave” at the last low, which has been confirmed. Therefore, it’s likely that the current rise will go on.

EUR/USD: "harami" is a white hope for bears

There's a bullish trend above the last “Window”. The price has found a lodgement above the 89 Moving Average, but we've got a “Harami” at the last high. So, a local downward movement becomes possible. Anyway, it’ll likely be just a correction, so bulls are still in the game.

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