Galina has been using the Japanese Candlesticks in trading since 2004. Meanwhile, she has wrote dozens of articles about these patterns, because nowadays it's possible to see a lot of things that couldn't be discovered in the good old days. Everyday Galina share her expert opinion about EUR/USD and USD/JPY on the fxBazooka.com.

EUR/USD: the Strongest "Bearish Engulfing"

Galina Svetlova

EUR/USD: the strongest "Engulfing Bearish"

We've got a “Harami” and a “Doji” at the last high. Moreover, there’s a bearish candle under the 89 Moving Average, so the market is likely going to get a support on the nearest “Window”. As we can see on the Daily chart, there’re a couple of back candles right after the “Three Methods” pattern. Under this circumstances, today’s candle is going to be a black one.

EUR/USD: the strongest "Engulfing Bearish"

After yesterday’s rally the price came back to Monday's “Window”. Considering a “Gravestone Doji”, it’s likely that the pair is going to decline towards the nearest support line.

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