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GBP/USD with L.Vereshchagin (Nov. 25)

GBPUSD: technical analysis (Nov. 25)   


Chart 1. Daily GBP/USD

There’s a strong resistance at $1.6250. We are still waiting for the confirmation on the daily chart. The picture at H4 is more interesting as the signal there is confirmed.


Chart 2. H4 GBP/USD

Sell: $1.6185/6225

Stop Loss: $1.6270

Take Profit: $1.6085


Chart 3. H1 GBP/USD

There’s an uptrend on H1. As GBP is close to resistance, we don’t consider this line while choosing a take profit.


Technical analysis by Leonid Vereshchagin

Independant FX trader, coach and analyst


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