Leonid graduated from Donetsk National Technical University, specialization "Automation and process control". He came to the market five years ago. As a basis of trade he uses indicator «Murray levels» , also prefers the classical technical analysis.

GOLD: planes of Bulls were not changed

Leonid Varfolomeev

The insignificant breakdown of the level 5/8 (1265.63) is unlikely to be regarded as a signal to a further reduction. After all, the trend has not changed, moreover, STD1 has not changed the colour. Nevertheless, the scenario with the test mark at 4/8 (1250.00) is possible, for which the price should go below 1257.50. On this basis, sales are now inappropriate, and the main variant of the development of the situation is the increase to the area of ​​level 6/8 (1281.25).

Trade Recommendation:

Buy – 1264.00; sl – 1257.50; tp – 1280.00.

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