Leonid graduated from Donetsk National Technical University, specialization "Automation and process control". He came to the market five years ago. As a basis of trade he uses indicator «Murray levels» , also prefers the classical technical analysis.

NZD/USD: the return to the area of 0.6836 is expected.

Leonid Varfolomeev

The pair eventually broke the level 4/8(0.6836) from the third time. The price has been returning to this level too often recently, however, in spite of the trend change, the growth to the area of merger of STD1 with level 4/8 (0.6836) is highly probable. But considering the attempt of the price to gain a foothold below the level of 3/8 (0.6775), as well as declining STH4, the bearish target at the level 2/8 (0.6714) is likely to be achieved. After that, we should expect a return to 4/8.   

Trade Recommendation: 

Buy – 0.6715; sl – 0.6650; tp – 0.6830. 

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