Currency analyst

USD/JPY: correction won't affect yen

On the daily USD/JPY chart there's correction to the downtrend. The pair reached resistance at 102.69. A break of this level will open the way up to 103.93 and 104.38, recoil down from the resistance will lead to consolidation in the 100.69-102.69 area.

On H1 USD/JPY reached 224% target of AB=CD pattern. Successful test of the upper border of the 100.83-101.82 range started a correction. The sentiment remains bearish, so sell on the increases to 103.27 (38.2% Fibonacci of the last descending wave), 103.93-104.08 (50%) and 104.89 (61.8%). Increase above 106 will make the risks of change in trend higher.  


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