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SNB maintains the EUR/CHF peg

The Swiss National Bank left the minimum exchange rate unchanged at 1.20 francs per euro and is ready to enforce it if necessary “by buying foreign currency in unlimited quantities, and to take further measures as required”. The 3-month Libor rate was also kept unchanged at the 0.0–0.25% range. 

The regulator explains that the CHF is still high and “with the 3-month Libor close to zero, the minimum exchange rate continues to be the right tool to avoid an undesirable tightening of monetary conditions in the event of renewed upward pressure on the Swiss franc.” SNB's current inflation forecast is at 0% for 2014 and at 0.4% for 2015, in both cases 0.2% lower than the previous estimates. In 2016 the central bank expects a 1.0% rise. 

The SNB acknowledged the continued recovery in the EU in Q4 of 2013, but pointed out that risks remained, such as low inflation, uncertainty about the health of Europe's banking system, political tensions and weakness in key emerging markets.

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