Tatyana graduated from Bashkir State University with the major of Applied Mathematics and IT. She used to work as a system analyst in a large IT company. Entered the financial markets in 2008. Her trading system is based on classical technical analysis, Ichimoku indicator and the elements of fundamental analysis. Tatyana is very dedicated to her family and children. In her free time she enjoys rising a bicycle.

May 21: American session

Tatiana Norkina, FBS analyst


The index of the U.S. dollar began to strengthen sharply, mainly due to the weakening of the euro. During the day, the dollar index soared to around 80.25 and now adds about 0.20% compared to the opening levels. Trading on the major U.S. stock exchanges opened with a strong growth. So, DJIA adds about 1.00%, while the S&P500 - 0.75%. Today, the market is expected to publish April FOMC protocols, as well as the performance of a number of FRS heads.

The U.S. dollar strengthened today and against most world currencies. So, EUR/USD pair tried to break up the yesterday’s range, but eventually bulls gave up and the rate fell to around 1.3650 mark, from which at the moment is adjusted upward. The pair USD/CHF has crept close to the highs of last week, recovering to around 0.8953 mark. British currency again was supported by statistical data, now - retail sales, the growth of which is observed in both monthly and in year. GBP/USD pair soared to around 1.6920 mark, but then corrected to 1.6880 area. The Japanese yen strengthened against the dollar this afternoon: the currency pair USD/JPY dropped to around 100.80 mark – the level of support four months ago. Testing at this level led to a sharp increase in purchases and growth of the currency pair to 101.55 area.


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