Aug. 4: American session


Tatiana Norkina, FBS analyst 

The index of the dollar keeps the equilibrium position in the support area of 80.40 increasing by 0.02% at the session opening, but the dynamics can become negative as it is inflenced by the Friday's declining due to labor market statistics that is inconsistent to analysts forecast. The stock markets are added to bullishness. Thus DJIA is increasing about 0.10%, while the S & P500 - about 0.30%.  

Currency pairs are mostly consolidated at Friday's close. The  EUR / USD pair is trading just above 1.3420. The British Pound Sterling attempts to gain a foothold against the American dollar (GBP / USD), however bulls cannot overcome the resistance of 1.6840. The currency pair USD / CHF has found the barrier at the 0.9065 level, and USD / JPY is going down to the support area of 102.40.

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