Aug. 25: American session

Tatiana Norkina,  FBS analyst 

Index of the dollar today jumped to the level of 82.65, keeping the reaction to Friday's speech of Fed Dzh.Yellen. At the beginning of the American session, index adds about 0.24%.

Stock markets opened in the positive positions, renewing highs due to gepapa: DJIA adds about 0.55%, while the S & P500 - about 0.46%.

The currency pair EUR / USD remains under pressure from the bears, trading under the figure of 1.3200. GBP / USD today corrected to 1.6600, but in the opening of the session fell to 1.6580. USD / CHF has issued a new yearly high 0.9177 this morning, and then corrected to 0.9150 support. Currency pair USD / JPY is struggling to stay above the figure of 104.00.

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