August 27: American session

Tatiana Norkina, an analyst of FBS Company

The American dollar was slightly flat today because of the absence of major macroeconomic indicators. At the opening of the session, the dollar fell down by 0.17%.

Stock markets opened oppositely directed. So, the DJIA currently adds about 0.07% and S & P500 is expected to decline, losing about 0.03%.

There is a weakening of the dollar on currency markets. Thus, EUR / USD pair has returned to the level of 1.3190, after today's low of 1.3150. GBP / USD has suddenly jumped to the figure of 1.6600; the support level of 1.6540 resisted. As for the currency pair USD / CHF, it has been corrected to the level of 0.9150 as the morning bulls failed to gain a foothold in new height of 0.9180. The declining tendency can be also found in the case of the pair USD / JPY, which is once again testing the support level of 103.80.

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