Aug. 28: American session


Tatiana Norkina, FBS analyst


GDP growth to 4.2% instead of the expected 4.0% significantly increased interest to American dollar. At the opening of session index added about 0.17% and reached 81.60, after declining to 81.35. Applications for unemployment benefits, the amount of which decreased to 298 thousand (forecast: growth of up to 300 thousand) also added positive mood. The data on the real estate market which can also support the dollar index is expected a bit later.

Dollar has also been increasing in currency markets. For example, EUR / USD pair fell again to the level of 1.3160​​. GBP / USD pair dropped to 1.6570 morning support. Currency pair USD / CHF grew to around 0.9160, and USD / JPY back to around 103.80.

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