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Comments from the central bankers

EUR: The ECB should buy only quality ABS; euro will likely keep weakening (the ECB Governing Council member Nowotny).

EUR:The drag on growth from fiscal consolidation to considerably diminish in coming months; the ECB policies aren’t directly targeted at Forex rates; the ECB will use further monetary policy instruments if needed to support recovery (the ECB head Mario Draghi).

USD: The Fed may tighten policy more slowly if foreign growth is weaker than anticipated (Fed’s member Fisher).

JPY: Japanese government and the bank of Japan agree that weak yen is positive for Japan.

CHF: The SNB will defend minimum exchange rate with unlimited intervention if necessary.

AUD, NZD: Chinese central bank sees no need for big stimulus (China is Australian main trading partner). China will avoid a hard landing despite worries over about a slowdown.


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