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Croatia joined EU

On Monday Croatia has officially become a 28th member of the European Union. The former Yugoslavian country, which emerged from the 1990s bloody conflict on Balkans, worked for more than a decade to satisfy EU membership requirements.

“You have returned Croatia to its rightful place in the heart of Europe,” said José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission in a speech at the official ceremony in Zagreb. “Croatia is well-prepared to join our union. Croatia has changed enormously.”

However, the public sentiment is not so optimistic. Does the EU need to widen its boundaries these days? Does Croatia need to tie itself in a one bunch with the ailing EU? The country of 4.4 mln is in recession with a more than 20% unemployment. And EU membership, once seen as an important step forward, is now viewed with skeptisizm by many  local people and experts.

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