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Nomura: USD net longs on highs

Analysts at Nomura note that the net USD positions were brought to $52.8 billion, a new all-time high, on the week ended Nov. 25. "Since Tuesday, we estimate that speculators added another $1.9 billion of USD longs, bringing total net longs to $54.7 billion", analysts add.

EUR shorts contracted to $25.7 billion on the week, ended Nov. 25 (-0.7 billion). "Our real time estimates suggest this buying reversed, with specs selling $0.8 billion of EUR since Tuesday, bringing net shorts back to $26.6 billion", Nomura projects. GBP shorts are seen at the new lows since September 2013 ($3.2 billion by Monday's close). 

AUD shorts are expected to have grown to $4.1 billion on the current week from $3.8 billion last Tuesday. This is the most net short AUD has been since February. Speculators brought net JPY shorts to $11.1 billion last week. However, positioning turned less negative since Tuesday with $0.8 billion of buying, bringing net shorts to an estimated $10.3 billion.


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