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Greek election: Syriza wins again

Greece’s former Prime Minister has once again won support of the nation’s population as his leftwing party Syriza got 35.5% of votes in the span election on Sunday. Syriza’s main competitor, conservative New Democracy, came second with 28.1% of votes. 

Such distribution of votes means that Syriza will get 145 seats in the 300-seat parliament – this is just four seats less than the party got after January election.

Despite the victory, Syriza did not gain an outright majority, so it will have to form a coalition with its former partners, the small anti-austerity right-wing Independent Greeks party.

After the election results were announced, Tsipras said: “This victory belongs to the people and those who dream of a better tomorrow and we’ll achieve it with hard work.”

Before the election Tsipras promised to implement the 85-billion-euro bailout, while introducing measures to protect vulnerable groups from some aspects of the deal.

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