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Oct. 4: Asian session

US government remains partially shut down, and the release of the key jobs report (NFP) is delayed. So, the outlook for when the Federal Reserve will taper stimulus became even more uncertain.

EUR/USD reached $1.3646 yesterday. Today the pair’s trading on the upside, on the $1.3630 area. German PPI kept contracting. GBP/USD is trading in the $1.6150/70 area after it declined from levels above $1.6200 yesterday.

USD/JPY is just above 97.00. The pair’s trading on the downside for the fourth day in a row. The Bank of Japan left its monetary policy unchanged. USD/CHF is trading in the 0.8990/80 area after it slid below 0.9000 yesterday.

AUD/USD rose to $0.9445. Aussie rose amidst a totally empty data calendar day regarding both the Australia and the US. NZD/USD returned above $0.9300. USD/CAD keeps consolidating above 1.0300. The pair’s trading in the narrowest range since April as the market players are concerned about the situation in the US, Canada’s largest trading partner.

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