Justice Department wants to revoke pro-Apple verdict

The Justice Department requested a federal judge to abrogate the previous ruling regarding a possibility of extracting data from iPhones on Monday. That’s a part of an everlasting dispute between the US government and Apple over security issues.       

The case’s filing was expected, when it was officially announced that prosecutors didn’t have any legal authority to make the company assist investigators in hacking the passcode option right on the drug dealer’s iPhone.    

Apple instantly cited this stuff in its legal struggle over an iPhone utilized by one of the murderers in December’s terrorist attack, in San Bernardino, when 22 people were wounded and 14 – murdered. Apple keeps struggling against a court order to assist the FBI in their bypassing the password of the stolen phone, thus dropping a hint at iPhones’ vulnerability to hacker attacks.  

Here, the stakes are extremely high for both parties. There’s a high probability that the case will find itself in the Supreme Court, so both sides are currently preparing for this. 

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