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Why doesn’t US government reopen?

President Barack Obama canceled visits to Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei planned this week.

The US government remains partially shut for the fourth day as Obama and Republicans battle over funding. The President met with Congressional leaders from both sides on Wednesday. However, according to the comments, both sides are unwilling to compromise and blame each other for this situation.  

The White House later issued a brief statement, urging Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner to put the budget to an open vote in the House of Representatives, where a bipartisan majority would likely pass it instantly.

That might not be so simple, however. Moderate Republicans have said they think they could provide enough votes to join with minority Democrats and push a bill through the House reopening the government with no restrictions on the health care law. But under pressure from House Republican leaders, they failed to join Democratic efforts on Wednesday aimed at forcing the chamber to consider such legislation.

If the shutdown persists, it could become entangled with the even more consequential battle over the debt limit. If the Congress doesn’t renew the government’s authority to borrow money by Oct. 17, US may announce a default.

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