Greenback strengthens against yen

On Friday, the greenback managed to strengthen against the yen, while the latter demonstrated good weekly gains against its key counterparts, notwithstanding a series of warnings from Japanese statesmen.   

The Fed’s cautious tone regarding rate hikes definitely backed up the US dollar on Friday. Meanwhile, Taro Aso, Japanese Finance Minister, has recently told that Japanese government isn’t planning direct intervention.   

On Thursday, delivering a speech at a panel with former bosses of the Fed, Janet Yellen told that the labor market closed to full strength, while inflation was firmly held back by a number of temporary factors. Yellen added the US economy is on a good course and the central banks is still cautious as for rate hikes.   

However, the greenback’s pig picture is still demonstrating decent expectations of growing strength. A recent survey of financial experts published on Thursday, disclosed that the greenback’s soar, which started in the middle of 2014 has almost run its course and only slight revenues are expected over the coming year.


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