Legal marijuana requires big data to edge up

When it comes to growing a highly-competitive plant-based industry, serious technology and big data might appear to be more valuable than even the most advanced fertilizers.      

As the legal marijuana industry keeps expanding, so there’s an urgent need for adequate data services to further boost efficiency as well as consumer education. However, some companies, such as NetSuite and SAPSAPGF, specializing in providing organization and data collection to more traditional industries aren’t going to extend their business to the legal weed industry, thus creating a long-awaited opening for new companies, which cater to the weed market. 

With the legal weed market expected to hit up to $6.7 billion in recreational and medical sales already this year, industry analysts actually expect data to play a crucial role in boosting this growth. Evidently, these data services are used to tracking anything ranging from consumer purchasing trends to plant cultivation, thus greatly assisting weed retailers to meet state regulations and optimize their inventory to comply with demand.   


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