Tesla scrambles for lithium as prices go up

The growing demand for lithium, which is the hottest after oil commodity on the Earth and the only commodity to demonstrate upbeat price movement last year seems to have set for further upward trajectory. Indeed, it’s gradually turning into the world’s new gasoline. Some folks even call it white petroleum. A great number of experts foresee a fierce ongoing battle between key tech players for this cutting-edge commodity.   

Currently, Tesla is busy with building its another giant factory in Nevada with the ambitious plan to boost its electric car production to up to 300,000. That would be an enormous output surge, especially considering its last year’s 50,000 vehicles outcome. New pre-orders already need tons of lithium at rather a reasonable price.

The given move of Tesla definitely drops a hint at absorbing the global lithium-ion production. Perhaps, in the nearer future when the gigafactory is ready, Tesla will be producing an impressive number of lithium-ion batteries, even more than the rest of the world combined.   



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