Microsoft sues American government over data requests

Microsoft Corporation has sued American government for the right to tell its clients when the FBI’s looking at their own emails. The case has appeared to be the latest in a series of tough clashes over privacy between the tech giant and the US government.     

Filed on Thursday in federal court, Seattle, the lawsuit actually argues that the US government is persistently violating American constitution by simply preventing the tech giant from notifying thousands of its faithful users about government requests for their emails as well as other documents. By the way, a US Department of Justice spokesman refused to comment.

Microsoft states that the government’s actions actually contradict the Fourth Amendment, establishing the right for people as well as businesses to be aware if authorities seizes or searches their property.    

The tech giant’s suit focuses on the storage of data on its remote servers, rather than locally on people's personal computers, which the company says has already provided a fresh opening for the government to access its electronic data.

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