Taiwan stocks edge down

 On Monday, Taiwan shares dipped following declines in the textile, gas, electricity and oil sectors.

On the Taiwan Weighted the most productive performer of the trading session was Via Tech. it managed to soar 10% at 14.85. Secondly, Chien Shing Ss acquired 9.94%, trading at 1.99, while Shun On at its 5.87 closed +9.93%.  

As for the worst stock performers of that trading session, we can point out to Tsrc with its 5.32% falls, Aopen with its 5.99% decline and Hiti Digital, whose loss was 4.84% at 14.75.

Stocks of Via Tech managed to surge to its 52-week peak or simply 10%, trading at 14.85. As for stocks in Aopen, they edged down to their 52-week loss record, closing -5.99% at 7.37.

In addition to this, June crude oil delivery futures descended 5.1%, trading at $39.62 per barrel. Brent June delivery oil futures sagged 4.73%, hitting $41.06, June gold futures surged 0.05%, trading at $1235.20.   

The currency pair USD/TWD edged up 0.22%, trading at 32.415. Meanwhile, TWD/CNY traded at 0.2003, showing a 0.05% decline. 

The US Dollar Index grew 0.10%, trading at 94.77.


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