German nuclear plant is affected by computer viruses

In Germany, a nuclear power plant has been recently found infected with a bunch of computer viruses. However, they don’t threat the facility’s operations. It’s because it’s completely isolated from the Internet, as the station’s operator states.      

The Gundremmingen plant, situated approximately 120 km northwest of Munich is operated by the German utility RWE.

The viruses, including Conficker and W32.Ramnit were discovered at the station’s B unit, in a computer system, to be exact in data visualization software closely connected with equipment for moving nuclear fuel rods.

Apart from that malware was discovered on 18 removable data drives, mostly USB sticks. They were maintained separately from the plant’s operating system. As a result, cyber-security measures were increased.

The virus W32 was specially developed to steal files from infected computers. It targets Microsoft Windows software products. Firstly created in 2010 it has been being spreading via data sticks. It gives a cyber attacker remote control over the infected computer system.



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