Asian markets keep going down in wake of Japan’s inaction

On Friday, the vast majority of Asian stock markets went down, with revenues capped by gloomy sentiment over the BOJ’s holding back on extra stimulus as well as concerns regarding global economic growth.  

In China, Shanghai Composite Index fluctuated slightly, while in Hong Kong Hang Seng Index tumbled 1.2%.  

Then, elsewhere in Asia, South Korean benchmark dipped 0.6%, while Australian S&P/ASX 200 leapt 0.3%. As for Japanese stock market, it was closed in observance of a public holiday.      

Additionally, overnight broad losses in American stocks weighed on some stock markets in Asia.

On Thursday, the blue-chip index Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped in its greatest daily percentage loss since February 11. Reports disclosing that American economy advanced at its slowest tempo in the first quarter for two years as well as mixed corporate results have disappointed market participants.    

The factors mentioned above hurt the general market sentiment, especially in Hong Kong. Many investors are disappointed by the absence of further quantitative easing from the BOJ. 

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